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Brotherly Manlove by Winchesters (23) - Manlove by the Family Winchester
Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.
Brotherly Manlove by Winchesters (23)
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sargraf From: sargraf Date: December 7th, 2006 04:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been saying this to everyone, but I really am so sorry my reply is so late. And thank you so much for your lovely comment. I honestly don't know how to respond to it. I don't feel the meta is as good as all that (although the JA-in-scrubs is a definite plus! ;)). But I'm so glad you like it and most of all, that it cheers you up when you're otherwise feeling down about fandom. I know how that feels, and I always go to posts of joy (like lemmealone's magnum opus) to cheer myself up.

I wonder how much of it is actually scripted and how much comes from JA and JP having such a great atunement to the characters they portray. Because it is SO consistent from eppy to eppy.

It really is remarkably consistent, and even when there's a pause in the flow, there's a reason for it. Except for The Benders and now No Exit. *mutters*

It makes me ache to think that we've never seen this from Dean, and that Sam can't see it in that moment, to know that he is the source of his brother's joy and to understand the depth of emotion that connects the two of them.

I know… Like you said, I'm sure he knows it, just like Dean knows that Sam needs him, but it's an entirely different thing to see that need or that love express itself so nakedly. Dean was able to see it, but he won't remember it. And Sam wasn't able to see it, where he would have been able to remember it, if he had. That's beautiful and tragic.

Geez, re-reading that I know why I let you do the meta. :) I have such a hard time expressing my thoughts and you seem to do it so effortlessly.

That's exactly how I feel about you and fic. I have such a hard time writing it, and yours is so beautifully written and has such a poignant weight to it. It never feels like a fic so much as a page out of their lives. That's a pretty rare feeling. Usually, even reading beautiful fic, you're still aware that it's a fic. Yours is one of those rare talents that makes me forget it's not canon. :)
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